Registration Open for Midwest Region Convention, May 18-22, 2022, Indianapolis


We’ve promised you Registration would be open soon.  Well at long last, soon is NOW.  Registration is OPEN.  You can register for the Convention, and while you’re on the website, make a room reservation.

GO HERE now 

If you’ve registered for a lot of conventions, you can probably wing it.  But if you’re a “manual reader”, the Registration Committee has provided some great instructions.  And we suggest you read through the instructions before you get started.

If you run into any problems, the Registrar is standing by to help you.  He’s a person so he’ll get back to you within 24 hours.  (Likely sooner if you make contact during daylight hours.)  Here’s the contact link if you need help registering – 

As a reminder, the only way to register for Indy Junction 2022 is online and through the website.

We shared the Convention fees before, but here they are again ⬇

  • $85.00 Early Registration – Opening Registration to December 31, 2021
  • $95.00 Registration – January 1, 2022 to April 27, 2022
  • $110.00 Late Registration – April 28, 2022 to May 21, 2022
  • $25.00 additional Family Member(s) Registration – any date
  • $40.00 Saturday May 21 ONLY, Individual Registration (One-Day includes Train Show)

And while you’re on the site, get a room reserved.  We strongly suggest you use the link on the website to reserve your room.  Marriott is experiencing some staffing problems for telephone support.  They give you some outstanding help once you connect – but there can be some extended hold times to speak with someone on the phone. (We’re not kidding – wait times can run from 10 to 30 minutes. Everyone in hospitality is experiencing labor shortages.)

Marriott East Indianapolis Room Rate

  • $132.00 per night plus applicable taxes

If you’re new to these updates, most of the information we’ve previously shared is now on the Indy Junction 2022 website.  Take a look around while you’re there.  But we encourage you to tell your fellow model railroaders to sign up on the Homepage for Convention Updates.  We’ll continue to keep you updated with the latest Convention Information with an update in the middle of each month.  More often when there is something important we think you need to know right away.

One final registration tip – If you are accessing the Indy Junction 2022 webpage on your mobile device, phone or tablet, you’ll need to click the menu icon on the top of the homepage to see all the pages.  Here is a screenshot ⬇

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