March 2021 ITD Division Meeting Now Up on Video

I’ve converted and uploaded the video of the March 2021 virtual ITD meeting.

Follow this link to my Vimeo account, where a copy of the meeting video is preserved.

Due to storage capacity limits, I may need to take this copy down in a few months, so view it when you get the opportunity.

We discussed recent work by various members, including Buzz’s office building; Ernie’s layout and a steamer he’s been working on; Mark’s mainline completion; an interesting discussion of 3D printing by Marcus and Alan; and Mike’s announcement of the beginning of his weekly ops sessions on Wednesdays from 6 to 8pm starting on March 31.

In addition to finally being a place to physically meet in person after so much distress over the last year, Mike’s Wednesday night ops sessions will also be conducted virtually via Zoom. While it’s not sponsored directly as an NMRA event, the Wednesday night show will provide a weekly place for ITD members to gather and for the public to learn more about ITD and model railroading. It won’t just be an ops session, but will also include a look at what’s on your workbench, layout updates, and projects underway by ITD members, along with being a place to find advice on difficult issues.

Look for the formal announcement and links to join via Zoom in a message that will be posted here in the next few days. With the vaccine spreading, we are hopeful that this long painful social separation will soon draw to a close – and model railroading will remain fun.