Illini Railroad Club Building Freemo

I had the pleasure of visiting the Illini Railroad Club in Newmark Civil Engineering Lab on the University of Illinois campus for their first ops session of the semester

IRC is rebuilding this junction into a four quadrant configuration

With a little over two months to the Lincoln Square Train Show on March 25 and 26, it may still be a work in progress by then. That flexibility to build and show at the same time is one of the features of Freemo, a modular standard that allows for great flexibility in setting up what shows up at Freemo meets.

Yard on some of the new SORF-funded modules

The IRC formerly had a layout in a recently remodeled residence hall, but has headed in a different more modern direction by switching to Freemo. SORF (student activity fee funding) has paid for several module kits that are now part of the group you see here.

You can connect with the IRC via Facebook:;!!DZ3fjg!7Ho92RFr1uxl41D2ofIUYU8n4Vh7jVY5mBTL53OQWlxZdY1CfNlRD13vXPJVz9e638ClWr9tq_zgWKLiWwNFu5sjuQ$

Starting at noon on Saturday, March 25, the train show will be sponsoring an opportunity to set up and operate on your FreeMo module(s). The IRC will have their modules already set-up as a starter group, then we’ll expand into the space the Saturday Market leaves open when they leave at noon. Come join us! More Show info here: