Chief Clerk/Paymaster Allen Byrne Wins NMRA President’s Award for Division Service in MWR

It’s with great satisfaction that I get to write this brief article on Allen Byrne, ITD’s longtime Chief Clerk and Paymaster, winning the NMRA President’s Award for Division Service. This award is presented annually to one member in each Region who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help a division maintain service to members and other duties that make them an exceptional representative of what service to our organization represents.

Allen riding on the live steam in Decatur during a ITD visit a few years back

While I have been Superintendent for many years. Allen’s service as an officer extends all the way back to the revival of what was formerly know as the “Southern Illinois Division.” The SID had been inactive for many years when we revived what we renamed the Illinois Terminal Division in 2005. Without Allen’s steady hand on our records and finances, ITD would not exist. Without his further extending his efforts to do the paperwork associated with being a non-profit, it’s quite possible we wouldn’t be sponsoring the annual Lincoln Square Train Show.

It’s hard for me to find words that express my personal appreciation for Allen’s reliable help when I need to call on him at various times. He has always come through to make what needs to happen, happen. I urge every member to personally express your appreciation to Allen when you get a chance to congratulate him on earning this award. Thanks, Allen, you are someone I know I can count on to do all the detail work needed to serve our membership. It is much appreciated!