Assessing Assets: Part 3

This is the third in the series about managing our donated assets. This follows up on Part 1, expanding the focus on the Miller donation to cover things other than modules. There’s lots of rail-laying jigs and materials, plus other useful things.

Styrofoam Cases for Modules

There’s four of these neatly constructed cases for various modules. They protect the track and allow the modules to be stacked. They take up a lot of space and I’m not sure how useful they could be for us.

Jigs and Test Patterns

Most of these are HOn3, but also some HO standard gauge and others. They could be useful when demonstrating laying track or to build custom-fitted turnouts.

HO/HOn3 Test or Display Track

A handlaid test or display track that is dual gauge, HO/HOn3.

Some WS Dark Cinder Ballast

About half a dozen bags of Woodland Scenics dark Cinder Ballast. I think this matches what covers Module #1.

Vinyl Roadbed

A whole bunch of VinylBed roadbed. Includes a few sheets in large format for yards and to cut turnout shapes from. There’s more of different types roadbed that I still need to take pics of. There is enough here to do the basics if we choose tio build out the modules #2 to #8.

Soldered Points/Frogs plus N-Scale Track

I’m not sure what gauge the point/frog assemblys are and there is more N scale track plus turnouts I still need to get pics of. I’m guessing there’s plenty of N scale track to finish the N Timesaver module.

Treemaking Material

Bob didn’t make much scenery, but he was prepared to make trees the old fashioned way. These are rather dry, but the stems could still make good armatures to build trees on.

Roanoke Electronics Super Horn

Unfortunately, the Super Horn is less than super on this relic from the pre-DCC era, as I can get that to sound only once at a time by shorting it internally. The SH was apparently hacked on a bit before I got my hands on it, so still trying to figure what’s wrong. The bell works great. Appears to be Steam only (no diesel) as there is nothing hooked up to the Diesel side of the selection switch. If I can get the horn working, it would be great for shows as kids would love making the horn and bell sounds.

Buildings and Platforms

This is only a partial documentation of the many structures Bob built and passed on to us. These are all HO scale, but there are a few TT ones, too.

There is more that I still need to document, which I will do here soon in future posts.

These also sum up the task for the disposition committee to sort out. The Module #1 and associated modules should get a representative group to preserve and illustrate Bob’s skills. After that, some form of disposition tio the membership and even sale to the public should be considered. For instance, we probably have enough buildings, etc that once the preservation collection is selected, we could give every member of the division an example to be used to both memorialize Bob and to serve as a example to be emulated as best we can in our own modeling. Thus, I would sum up the three goals for them to determine as preservation, disposition, and income.