Assessing Assets: Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts that document many of the assets currently in the ITD’s hands. The generosity of donors over the last year has been almost breathtaking. It does create the need to decide which the ITD should retain to support our programs and which might be surplus to those needs and might better be disposed of to benefit the division’s finances , where possible. Some of these items would make good donations to other NMRA groups. We need to organize a committee to make some determination of what we plan to do in order gain the maximum benefit to our efforts to promote the hobby. This and future posts are intended to give members access to info on these assets to aid in decision making about them as we move forward with a process we need to devise to get us through these virus-stricken times.

In general, we should plan to prioritize retention of those assets with direct application in support of the division’s efforts to promote the NMRA and the hobby. If there is property in excess of those needs, it could be sold to members with an interest in it. Finally, assets can be disposed of to the general public if it it doesn’t qualify for either of the first options, with any revenue from these sales going to support the ITD’s general fund.

The first group of assets will be the many modules the estate of Bob Miller brought to us. I’ll list them and comment on each as much as possible.

Module #1

HOn3, Loon Lake

This is the most scenic of all Bob’s modules. Track and wiring is complete, with a few attached structures. With a bridge adapter, it connects with a new HOn3 4×8 I built that together can serve to display the many unique structures built by Bob that we received, as well as a way to display projects by other members from time to time. The switch machines are all remote-operated snappers with switch stands to display position. I added the shelf underneath to help keep things organized and hold power supplies, etc.


Module’s #2 to #8

Connects with Module #1

Modules #2 through #8 are the rest of a larger layout Bob apparently planned to build that would’ve been an “O”-shaped one about 10′ square. There are 3 more straight sections and 4 corner sections, plus legs and hardware. Module #1 above was the only section Bob brought to the substantially complete state seen above. Since I am currently the only narrowgauger in the division, it doesn’t make much sense to pursue this as an HOn3 project. Instead, it would make a good layout for shows that would be within our organizational capacity to build and operate in HO standard gaige or N scale.On the other hand, it might be something another division or NMRA project could use. The missing 4th section that is our Module #1 would be easy to duplicate to complate it as a roundy round or it could be adapted to be a Free-mo or other module set.

Module #9

On30 or HO

This module is HO gauge, but the tie spacing, etc all scream On30. It seems complete, but I haven’t hooked up the electricity yet. Turnout controls on this one are manual. This would be a good one for kids to test the cars they might build in the make -n-take.


Module #10

This module is HOn3 and is complete, with hand throws on the turnouts. An excellent example of Bob’s handiwork with track, code 55 in this case. The question with this and the next one is does the ITD need more than one HOn3 module besides Module #1?

Module #11

HOn3, incomplete track

This HOn3 module is quite similar in appearance and construction to Module #10, but has a portion of the track yet to be completed on the right side in the pic above. There is more than enough rail available to complete it in our stock, so would make a good project to demonstrate hand-laying track for one of our future shows..

Module #12, #13, & #14

??? x3

These three modules are similar in construction to #10 and #11 from what I remember when we put them up there carefully, but I couldn’t get them down without help to see what’s there. Will advise when I get help to check them out and take pics.

Module #15

This module is blank, but similar to others in this series in basically being a hollow door that is 80″ long and 16″ or less in width.

Module #16

another blank

Another blank without any track.

Module #17

This one has some commercial N gauge track present, plus a lot of additional rubbery roadbed. We have a bunch of N gauge turnouts and some sectional track in our stock.

Module #18

Sort of N scale Timesaver

Similar to a Timesaver, but different, this module is laid out in the rubbery roadbed material on a shorter piece of extruded foam, about 4′ to 5′ long. No track is present, but we have some. This one is the most portable of all those we have available.


While not part of the many modules sections themselves, we received a number of brackets that can be used to hang the various modules on the wall.