Arduino & Model RRing Clinic: ITD Meeting, Feb. 9 in Monticello

NMRA member Thomas Ose will present a session on “Arduino and Model Railroading” at the next Illinois Terminal Division monthly meeting.  It is coming up on Saturday, February 9, 2019 from 1pm to 4pm at Buzz Swett’s home on the outskirts of Monticello. Write to our divisional email ( if you need directions

Arduino are small computers that have many different applications in Model Railroading.  The first part will be an introduction on what an Arduino is and why we as modelers care to use them.  The Arduino presentation will then go deeper into the usage of Arduinos in model railroading.  We will look at DCC++ in more detail and will look at the required components, how they are modified and configured.  We will then have a test track where we can see DCC++ in action using JMRI as the controller. If time allows additional topics on speedometer and sensors will be presented.

Thomas has a background in hardware and software design and has been modeling for a long time utilizing DCC and Arduinos for control and automation.