Cornfield Free-mo Report

Back in April 2022, the 7th Cornfield Free-Mo Meet was held in McLean, IL. Organized loosely by Tom Ludlam, these meets happen in the gym of a local school. I’d heard of them happening, which they generally do in the spring and fall, but this was my first visit. UPDATE: The fall 2022 Cornfield Free-Mo meet will be October 7th to 9th. I brought back a bunch of pics of the April meet and meant to post these some time back, then our cat died and it took some catching up to get back around to this. Enjoy!

The first two pics give an over all view of this meet’s layou
Free-Mo provides an end-connection and power control standard that allows for variations in how the modules are arranged

Here’s the track diagram of this meet’s layout.

One end had a fair-sized yard

There were several junctions present that could provide alternative arrangements in future meets

Kimble’s Viaduct was pretty impressive

Another view of Kimble’s Viaduct
You can almost feel the cool breezes from those pines

A Midwest RR downtown

Free-Mo module construction relied on a basic design of plywood, with foam filler to lighten things
This layout was built on one level, except for Kimble’s Viaduct, but Free-Mo allows for grades, too

After passing through the large yard that started the pics here, the line terminates in this triple staging loop

Work goes on as people operate. Free-Mo is a satisfying combination of display, camaraderie, trading tips and advice and operations while hanging out with others who share4 a passion for model railroading.

The Cornfield Free-Mo group has a Facebook page at:

Like many social functions, there has been some uncertainty due to the pandemic, but the Cornfield Free-Mo meet will most like happen next this fall in late September/early October. For further info, check in with the Facebook group or contact Tom at McLean Depot:

All Steamed Up at Al’s

Ernie Noa traveled a little further west to meet up with a number of other Midwest Live Steamers at his friend Al’s place recently. Ernie passed along a couple of Youtube videos to share with everyone.

The first is composed of various still images and available at:

Stills from steaming at Al’s by Ernie Noa

Here’s video featuring lots of cool pacing shots by Ernie:

Video of live steam running at Al’s

Thanks for sharing, Ernie!