Anyone Remember Jack Jareo?

My wife found this old pic somewhere. It’s from either the Champaign News-Gazette or the Urbana Courier on 16 November 1962. The top part is missing that could have settled that.

It shows Jack Jareo of 32 Baker Drive in Urbana in his basement train room. Mr. Jareo seems to have been quite the fan of Standard Gauge with this impressive group of locos and other equipment.

I did not find Mr. Jareo’s name in any of the usual NMRA references, so he does not seem to have been a member. Perhaps someone remembers him and can tell us more about him? If we can add any details to this pic, it would be interesting to know more. Above the pic was an article about him, but on our copy this part has been ripped off. The first place to check would be to see the full News-Gazette and Courier newspapers from November 16, 1962 to get a copy of the missing article above the photo, as it may give us further info.

Live Steaming Videos from Ernie

Jim’s Steam Up by Ernie Noa

Ernie Noa sent us a couple of videos of recent live steam action. You may see many of these locos and trains in September during the festival at Monticello Railway Museum, when ITD members will help with manning the tables during the event.

The second video even has a Big Boy running pulling a long string of reefers.

Live steam Big Boy plus lots of other locos