ITD Steams Up for RR Days at Monticello, Sept. 18-19

During the June ITD monthly meeting, Ernie Noa noted the live steam group he works with will be at Monticello Railway Museum’s Railroad Days in September and could use some help. ITD, on the other hand, could use an opportunity to promote the 2022 Lincoln Square Train Show as well as the Illinois Terminal Division more generally.

After a brief discussion, those present decided to work together, with ITD helping to people the live steam booth to free up the live steamers to keep more trains running. This is a great chance for ITD members to learn about live steam while we promote the 2022 Lincoln Square Show.

This year’s Monticello Railroad Days are September 18-19. Trains start running at 9am, with the last train heading back at 4pm each day. You must have a ticket to get on the grounds, so that’s $10/day. Generally, the booth should be staffed between those hours, although it’s possible that Sunday may come down sooner if the crowds thin out.

To coordinate, let’s check in with Ernie to let him know when you can be available to help for an hour or two. You can leave your availability here as a comment or contact Ernie directly. If you need his email, send me a note and I’ll get it to you.

Ernie, I can help starting out Saturday morning early until noon, then we’ll see. That way I can get the ITD display materials and basic creature comforts brought out and set up. Mike

Most everyone was planning on spending a day at Monticello Railroad Days now that such events are again possible, so please consider devoting an hour or more to staffing the live steam/ITD booth. This is our best opportunity to market the post-pandemic return of the Lincoln Square Train Show to a receptive audience, as well as to past and potential vendors.

Live steam, big or little, always draws a crowd, so there should be plenty of people to chat up about the upcoming 2022 Lincoln Square Train Show, Illinois Terminal Division, or anything else that suits helping with keeping live steam running.

We’ll get a bunch of flyers printed, including a vendor application, for the 2022 Lincoln Square Show to hand out and I’ll see about some sort of larger signage.