The Idea Store: Lincoln Square’s Imagination Shop – for RRers, 2!

Doing a small bit of advance work for the upcoming (March 30-31, 2019) annual Lincoln Square Train Show, I ran into an old friend, Jessy at The IDEA Store:

Let me tell you, they have some cool and useful stuff if you’re doing many things connected to our hobby that require art supplies or , umm, whatchamacallits!… I’ll show you some.

In among lots of obviously useful stuff for any artist, there are things like plaster, Celluclay, and more.

Like ephemera. I didn’t dig to see about old RR stuff, but the signs you can make for the layout will be legendary, because they will be real. No too fancy prices, this shop is run to benefit the C-U Schools Foundation. Your purchases and donations help bring stuff to enhance the educational experiences of kids in our schools. Note that, while the store will remain open for sales as usual, for the next two weeks the donations of materials to recycle and otherwise donate will go on hiatus beginning the week Feb 19. The IDEA Store will resume the intake of donations the week of March 5. Note they are closed on Mondays.

Like to scratchbuild with fine cardboard? Not sure if they have any Strathmore in stock, but I didn’t check. They do have a nice selection of paper items that can serve many scratch-building needs.

Need some brass to build that special loco, err, contraption? Or just to junk up that junkyard? How about these interesting brass clock with chime mechanisms? They need some love but could serve up many small parts and gears- or possibly even run again.

I was impressed by the selection of all kinds of stuff at prices that inspire you to say, “What could I do with that?” The Idea Store is located in the very south wing of Lincoln Square on the west side as soon as you enter the southern doors. They are looking forward to welcoming model railroaders, whether at the upcoming train show or any time else you happen to stop by.