Lincoln Square Model Train Show Announces Change in Organizing Group, Fun to Stay on Track

Annual Spring Lincoln Square Model Train Show Announces Change in Organizing Group

Fun to Stay on Track


The Midwest Central Railroad Club and the Illinois Terminal Division of the National Model Railroad Association are happy to announce an agreement to transition management of the annual free Lincoln Square Train Show from the former to the latter group over the next year. Operating for more than three decades on a spring weekend timed somewhere around the last week of March or first week of April, Midwest Central Railroad Club, in association with the Urbana Free Library, created a remarkable legacy of community service, entertainment, and commerce that continues to serve local modelers during times of great change in the hobby. The Train Show is one of the bigger events in attendance numbers at Lincoln Square Village, helping draw customers to the mall and downtown Urbana.


Time takes its toll on us all.  The event founders of Midwest Central sought continuity in considering their options of how to carry on with the show. NMRA members in the Illinois Terminal Division appreciated what a loss it would be for them and others in the local modeling community if the show did not go on. Together both groups are pleased to announce that, while 2019 will be the last year that Midwest Central will organize the Lincoln Square Train Show, the ITD will shadow members of Midwest Central to learn the ropes in order to continue the show beginning in 2020.  Several key personnel from Midwest Central will continue helping ITD with various aspects of the show, as well as providing a ready resource for consulting.


The next Lincoln Square Train Show is scheduled for Saturday, March 30 and Sunday, March 31, 2019. Vendors and the public attending should anticipate a timetable and various connections very similar to past years, the same protocols for table reservations, and familiar faces along with meeting some of the new organizers. The ITD is just at the beginning of considering additional programming that its access to resources at the disposal of the National Model Railroad Association potentially provides. We look forward to seeing those we know and to serving those we haven’t yet met. See you at the show in 2019…and beyond!


For table reservation inquiries for the 2019 Lincoln Square Train Show contact:

Bruce Stikkers at 217-469-2793,


For general info about the 2019 show contact:

Rick Schroeder at 217-359-2868,


For inquiries about the 2020 Lincoln Square Train Show or if you want to know more about the Illinois Terminal Division of the National Model Railroad Association, please call Mike Lehman at 217-344-5609 (email to: or contact us via email links listed on our website at:




For questions or comments about this pending change, you can contact Rick Schroeder or Mike Lehman at their above listed numbers and email addresses.

Having Fun with the Illinois Valley Division Layout at Monticello RR Days

It was a very busy September, but the Illinois Valley Division brought its modular layout to Illinois Terminal Division territory for Monticello Railroad Days on September 15 and 16. Members from both divisions, led by Minton Dings, MMR, set the layout up early Saturday morning so it would be ready for the crowds. Our goal was to provide a hands on operating experience for kids to get a taste of model railroading. We prioritized getting track time for kids under 18, but usually found time for older kids to also operate.

A lot of the time, model railroaders like to run slow so the operating fun is more prototypical. Maybe it was just early, but that Saturday morning saw some REALLY slooow ops…

Latter on, perhaps to test things at a more normal kid-operating speed, things sped up quite a bit…

IVDITDfaster from Mike Lehman on Vimeo.

Then things slowed down a little, to almost normal, at least as normal as a group of train-deranged adults can be.

Things mostly settled down to entertaining the public after a few more hijinks. If you were there, you had fun and we hope to see you next year. If you missed it, we hope you’ll make time for Monticello Railroad Days next year!